Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Kimberly Area School District to connect business professionals in our community and provide the students with coaches and mentors and help to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs!

Shark Tank for the Classroom

The class is designed along the lines of Shark Tank, where students work for a semester to develop their business or product concept and then pitch the business to a panel of judges/sharks to see whose idea reigns supreme! With the help local business professionals the students learn key business concepts, develop prototypes, minimal viable product designs, websites, and how to secure funding and analyze their financials.


Each semester, the class requires the help of over 30 business professionals who assist by visiting the classroom to share their expertise and experience. Volunteer opportunities include:

Coaches:  Donate 1-2 hours of your time to visit the classroom and present to the students on a key business topic. 

Mentor: Donate approx. 4 hour per month. Be matched up with a group of students and serve as their business mentor throughout the semester.

Contact Nicci to learn more about volunteering for this exciting program.